Saturday, January 28, 2017

Can't Take The Crazy

I'm going to have to quit Facebook, I think.  Or at least cut drastically back on my social media time, as an alternative to unfriending half my so-called 'friend' list.  Damn this homogeneous, white, affluent area.

I've posted in the past about sometimes being able to tell just from the bumper stickers on somebody's car that I won't like the driver.  Getting that feeling a lot these days online.  I just can't take the enthusiastic pro-Trump postings.  They tell me all I need to know about these women that I would have said I liked well enough at an acquaintance level before this election hit the fan.  I don't post much political stuff online...the odd 'like,' but that's about it.  Enough to make it fairly clear where I stand though, I guess.  Wonder if that will tank me for the school board in this year's election.  Fuck 'em all if it does.  No kool-aid for me, thanks.

Went to lunch with some ninja girlfriends this past week to celebrate the fact that one of them is still above ground...she survived a random and massive cerebral aneurysm this past fall.  Ten ladies, all in street clothes and looking like the middle-aged matrons we are.  Would have been interesting if the restaurant had come under attack, though...nine of the ten are either black belts or only one step away from it.  Lesson in not judging books by covers, I guess!  Anyway, one lovely lady (and Facebook friend), who happened to be sitting next to me, quietly told me that there was a group I need to join, another of those secret ones.  I got the invitation later that day.

A valid use, I guess.  Maybe I just set the filters to ignore everyone who makes me crazy.  That's going to be a lot of ignoring though.  I'm finding myself retreating into my shell, talking mostly to the few people I know aren't crazy.  Good thing a lot of my pursuits are solitary, or at least small-group.  Still waiting to wake up from this terrible dream.


  1. If the nine of you ladies who are in the martial arts ever land your own TV series, I hope the opening has you all stalking down the sidewalks shoulder to shoulder so that no one can get by either way.......Will have to come up with a working title.

    Yes, I'm sure my daughter and son-in-law dropped a few FB friends. The problem intensifies when the offenders are relatives though. I'll see whether I can copy my daughter's "return-to-FB" post after the election and a recovery period. Suffice it to say that she has been on a tear with her postings since. They live in Alexandria, VA, which is such an active, conscientious population. We are about seven miles from Dulles Airport, so last night I stood gape-jawed watching the scene there (on TV) of people who are standing up against insanity.

  2. My daughter's post: (Today they are headed downtown to DC to a demonstration against the Muslim ban....It promises to be big.

    Susan Fitter Harris

    January 23 at 1:29pm ·


    So, I have had my head in the sand since 2 a.m. on Election Night, coping by pretending all this is not really happening. At noon last Friday I was sitting in a restaurant as a captive audience to the TV blaring the oath of office, whether I liked it or not. I definitely shed a few tears right there at the table. And now I am getting my head out of the sand, because I have some shit to do.

    Today I called my two Senators and gave them this message: "Please vote no on Tillerson, Sessions, Devos, Perry, Pruitt and Carson. We need cabinet heads who know and believe in the work their agencies do, and who are not beholden to special interests." Those are my particular concerns at the moment, but you do you.

    Thanks to Jen Walker for the nudge and Maureen McNulty for the hand-holding, and thanks to all of you who never put your heads in the sand at all and have been fighting from the get-go.

  3. Your daughter rocks, Ginny!! Clearly she was raised well. :)


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