Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Have Arrived (*sniff*)

Heard the *bing* of an incoming email the other day, and when I checked my messages, saw that it was the notification that a new geocache had published.  Not a big deal ordinarily, except that this one was dedicated to me!  In my universe, that's a pretty big deal.  It's called a 'tribute cache.'  I've hidden three to honor friends of mine, but this is the first one with my name on it.

I solved the puzzle on the cache page and got myself to the final coordinates posthaste, since convention dictates that the honoree is supposed to be allowed to find a new tribute cache first.  Look what I found inside!  The very kind septuagenarian friend who put the cache out left a souvenir for me in the container.   There was also a small blue frog attached to the top of the container...apparently my fondness for frogs is not a secret.  :)

I told him that I was going to add my souvenir to the frog collection on my kitchen windowsill, which I did.

Not a great picture, but you get the idea.  Sadly, this is only about half of the frogs in my husband just rolls his eyes when the subject comes up.  Oh well.  Everyone is entitled to an idiosyncrasy or two, and I am no exception.

The funniest thing is that this friend had no idea whatsoever that he put my cache less than 50 feet from the door of one of the places near home where my children play soccer!  I was there tonight with Thing Two, who had goalie training, and as I walked past the bush in which the container is hidden, I smiled all over again.


  1. Very cool - and the frogs are awesome!

  2. I love my frogs. I have earrings, a spatula, various and sundry Christmas ornaments, wind chimes...even a string of frog-shaped lights. What can I say? You like what you like. :)

  3. Having a window-ledge full of frogs is just genius, if one is able to explain the little white bear intruder. (I'm just now finding your blog, am thrilled and can tell that shot as far as productivity at home.) Consider me an import from Rocky Cat, and I am using my husband's G-mail...My name is Ginny. (My husband has a master's in Entomology from Oklahoma State, but is a science freak in general.....He tried to nurse that interest during his 22 years in the Army.)Am just dying to read more about your kids...My grandsons are 8 and 11 and are deeply into sports; this weekend was "learn-to_ski" weekend in southern Virginia while the family ignores the inauguration of a person with sociopathic disorder.

  4. Hi, Ginny...welcome!!! My boys are 11 and 13...sounds like they have a lot in common with your grandsons. Hope they had fun skiing and ignoring politics...we went to soccer practice and basketball games and ignored politics. I am a science freak in general and a molecular biologist by training, so cheers to your husband too. :)

    You have sharp eyes...good catch! Both that bear and the rock upon which it is sitting are other geocaching souvenirs that are cavalierly intruding on my frog collection. :-P The bear came from the final container of a MASH-themed series (it was supposed to remind you of Radar O'Reilly's bear) and I picked up the rock while wading across a river in search of another geocache. The whole goal of my windowsill is to make me smile when I look at it, and a few non-frogs are permitted if they come with a good story. :)

  5. I just had to Google "geocaching" because we're OLD (71) and find ourselves out of the loop more than not. It sounds like the intelligentsia's version of the Pokémon hunt. (It also reminds me of my husband's adding an Orienteering course and team to his ROTC duties at Oklahoma State University back in the day.) And speaking of molecular biology, we have more than a few books around here of that nature.....he knows that they will never be soiled by my potato-chippy fingers. (PS....We are in Fairfax, VA......just outside of Washington. I see that the Reston, VA geocache folks have an earthquake-themed round going on....unless I can Google.

  6. I have a feeling I'm going to like you two!! :) And I will absolutely look up Reston VA on the geocache map.


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