Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Interesting. Haven't Seen These Before.

One of these stickers is prominently displayed in each stall of the women's bathroom in a small airport in central Oregon.

Wondering whether human trafficking is really a problem there or if there is just a vigilant rescue group in the area.  Perhaps both.  There is a significant Hispanic population (clearly, given that the sign is in Spanish as well as English, it is at least partially aimed at these women.)  I had to explain to Petunia what the signs mean and why they would be in the ladies' room-- "Oh, so the bad guys don't get to see them." said my bright little girl.

Intelligent placement, to be sure.  Just hope that the women who need them see them and then have the courage to call the number.



  1. Anywhere there's a transport corridor (a major interstate, for example), there is significant traffic in persons.

    I just don't understand the demand for it. On no level can I understand that people want do do this to other people. I am strongly in favor of the legalization of prostitution so that it can be better regulated ... in theory. Practical application is less than the ideal. But it's still better than our janky-ass system that we have now.

  2. I don't get it either. All part of the ideology that says one sort of people is better than one or more other sorts of people instead of everyone being equal, I guess.


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