Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Eve, Murphy's-Law Style

Sorry for the sparse posting; I'm still away from home for the winter holidays. We are visiting my parents in central Oregon, and boy, did we have a central Oregon moment last night!  Copying below from an email I sent a friend today.

"Last night around 10 Mom noticed it was getting cold in the house. Sure enough, the furnace wasn't working. [Himself,] Dad and I spent the next half hour checking all the simple stuff and it was none of that. About 10:30, Dad calls the emergency number for the HVAC company (the furnace is only 5mo old, btw) and leaves a message. We're figuring maybe we'll hear back today sometime if we're lucky, it being late on New Year's Eve and all.  With a couple of frigid nights in the forecast, not a good thing to have happen at all.  However, *five minutes* later, the guy calls back. He talks to Dad for a few min, and then Dad hangs up and says, "He's on his way. He'll be here in 45 min."  He shows up at 11:15, cheerfully fixes the furnace, and leaves at 12:15am. Total cost?  $99. Craziness. Murphy's Law big time with the timing, but I was amazed at how fast that got fixed!"

I am consistently surprised by how friendly and polite folks around here are. Not sure if it is small-town or Oregon or both, but wow.  This guy was something else even for Oregon...when he left our house at 12:15 on the morning of January 1st, he was voluntarily going to another no-heat call even though the woman had said waiting till daytime was fine, just because he was in the area anyway. 

Happy New Year to us. And Casey the repair guy, wherever you are, Happy New Year to you too. You rock. 

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  1. That is awesome -- I wish we had such great response times around here. It seems like the colder it is, the more likely the heater is to go, at least for us! I hope next time we have a problem they show up just as quick, it gets super cold here at night!


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