Friday, January 20, 2017


I wanted to throw a bowling ball at the television as it showed the smirking, smarmy, orange face of our new President (god how that phrase sticks in my craw) taking the oath of office today.  People who voted for him: you created this mess.  You.  I hope every bloody one of you eventually regrets that vote.  When you lose your health insurance.  When you lose your job, because big business keeps exporting them.  When it becomes clear that every campaign promise was a lie aimed at a gullible population and that you bought them hook, line and sinker to your own detriment.  When you finally wake up and realize that your candidate is a racist, xenophobic bigot and terrifyingly ignorant to boot.  Fuck you all.

Yes, I'm bitter. I'm still bitter. Can you tell??


  1. People who voted for him and ALSO people who
    - voted for a 3rd party candidate
    - didn't vote
    - wrote it Bernie Sanders

    Anyone who refused to recognize it was a 2 candidate horse race and that if you didn't vote for Clinton, you were helping Trump win.

    Yeah, still bitter here too.

    1. Yes, spiffikins. Exactly. A vote for anyone other than her was a vote for him and most people just didn't get that. Or didn't care, I guess.


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