Monday, June 3, 2013

Land Of The Free

Now that the spring sports seasons are finally over, the after-school calendar looks radically different.  Amazing how much more down time we have with baseball and travel soccer both scratched from the list!

Thing Two's baseball game this past Thursday night was his last of the season.  Thing One's official travel soccer season ended with this weekend's tournament.  They went 2-0-2 (two wins, two ties) in their bracket and placed second.  The weather was in the mid-90s and muggy both days: by the fourth game, they were exhausted and running entirely on adrenaline and sugar.  And of course, that fourth game was against the best team in their bracket, one which had beaten them at every meeting this season.  Our boys dug deep and came back from a 2-0 deficit to tie them, with Thing One scoring the tying goal off a corner kick with only a few minutes left in the fourth quarter--a great way for him to end the season!  We have a whole two weeks (ugh) off before his summer soccer league starts...I don't remember sports being this crazy when I was a kid.  

The kids' taekwondo attendance has fallen off a cliff the past couple of months with all the other stuff going on (they've been lucky to get to class once a week) and we will pick that back up starting tomorrow.

But today, we are having a day off.   Petunia is drawing pictures, the boys are peacefully playing computer games, and I am celebrating the fact that I am NOT driving anyone anywhere!

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