Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Old Friend Murphy Is Back Again

What would my life be without Murphy's Law???

A few years back, I chose not to renew the multi-year consulting contract I'd had going with a biotech firm because Thing Two needed more of my time and energy than he was able to get with me working part-time.  Once his situation was more stable, I happened into a situation where I am able to do sporadic patent analysis-type projects for a firm of lawyers who all used to work with Himself at another firm back in the day and then went out on their own.  They are mostly engineer types, and I'm a biologist: every so often they get a job that is more biotech-oriented, and they send it my way.  It works out for everyone--I keep my hand in and can do the job in odd hours from home, and my billing rate is much lower than theirs, so they make out financially on the deal.  Win-win.

At any rate, I'd gotten a note back at the end of April from the partner with whom I normally deal, asking if I could take on a project for them that was an extension of one I'd done previously.  I told him to count me in, and then got slammed with end-of-school-year stuff.  Since I didn't hear back from him, I just assumed that their firm hadn't gotten the job and didn't worry about it.

Now for Murphy: two days ago, I get another note saying that they did get the job and that the client is ready to start with it.  Of course, last week was the first week of summer vacation, so I will now be trying to do this job with three kids underfoot!  It would have been a lot easier back in April when all three were still in school...ugh.  At least it is a relatively small one and in a technology area with which I'm already somewhat familiar, or I would be a basket case right now!

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