Wednesday, June 26, 2013


If you were a political body with appointment power, and you were thinking about appointing a person to committee A as a permanent liaison from committee B, don't you think you'd at least mention the fact beforehand to the heads of committee A and/or committee B as a courtesy?  God forbid that you might first seek either of those people's opinions on the matter...apparently that's too much to ask.

As it happens, the person in question has caused a great deal of conflict in committee B.  The head of that committee is actively trying to get rid of the person, in fact, and absolutely does NOT want the person representing the views of committee B in any forum whatsoever.  But yet the deed is done, bureaucratically speaking.

I know this sounds like gobbledygook, and I'm sorry.  But I'm the head of committee A, and I'm seriously pissed off at our local politicians, who are generally not known for being boneheaded but have pulled a real lulu with this one.  Nice work, guys.  Not sure if I'm more annoyed about the fact that they were too dumb or oblivious to ask before they acted or because I'm the one whose going to have to clean up their damned mess!

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