Monday, June 17, 2013

Nice Question, Kid

This morning, my elder son looked at me suspiciously and asked why I was being so nice to him.  (The implication of course being that I am normally unkind and unreasonable!)  I just gave him a look.

What provoked this, you may ask?  Permitting him to play Google Earth on the laptop first thing in the morning.  And also, in fairness, to have a very small lollipop (from a stash his teacher gave him at school) before breakfast.  My rationale for the latter was that the oatmeal he was going to have for breakfast surely contains a whole lot more sugar than one small lollipop anyway, but you'd think I'd given him free reign of the treat box for the reaction I got.

I didn't have the energy to argue about it, either...I was trying to do some school board stuff on my computer at the time.  But if he's going to be a twerp about it, it will be back to plain Cheerios for him before he can say "mean, nasty Mom!"

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