Saturday, February 28, 2015

Good Thing My Husband Has A Wine-Buying Problem

I remember seeing an article a while back that dealt with irrational teenage decision-making and how it is a function of incomplete development in the brain's temporal lobe.  Not this exact one, but something similar.  To the extent I gave it much thought at the time, it was to reflect back ruefully on some of my own boneheaded teenage decisions and thank every deity in the firmament that social media as we know it didn't exist back then to immortalize them.

At any rate, what recalled this to my mind was an example in my own home this evening of what was truly a breathtaking display of irrationality: very much along the "What the hell could you have POSSIBLY been thinking?" sort of line.  To spare the guilty, I'll neither name the offender nor detail the specific incident, but it did make me wonder: back in the days when humans lived shorter lives and teenaged human beings functioned as full adults, how in the world did we survive as a species?  Back in the mists of time, any offspring that did something this dumb would have been eaten by its mother to save the genepool, you'd think.

I did not eat my young today, glad to say.  The only thing keeping me from completely losing my shit was the fact that the sheer idiocy involved actually made me laugh and that the kid managed to remain in one piece.  Not sure how I'll survive the dichotomy of undisputedly smart children doing stupid things for the next 18 youngest is 7 and apparently the brain only fully matures at 25, so there will be a LOT of wine drunk in this house between now and then if this keeps up!  I'll take another, please...

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