Friday, June 5, 2015

A Little Bit Obsessive?

As I've mentioned, the school year is winding down.  Not too many more days before the kids are home for the summer and my battery-recharging time during the day becomes curtailed severely.  Got the belt test out of the way, at least: going to be harder to get to daytime martial arts classes during the summer, for sure.  I've also been looking at the geocache map, trying to figure out what I want to try to find before summer and what will just have to wait till fall, the patience of smaller children (and my tolerance for putting them in higher-terrain situations) being rather limited.

Earlier in the week my usual caching partner hit 2000 finds, which is a big deal.  To mark the milestone we drove about 60 miles each way so we could bag the oldest cache in the state, which involved a hike up a decent-sized mountain in pouring rain but at least we found the blasted thing.  After the fact, I was reminded of an section of my cache map that's been bugging me.  Perhaps you can guess why (see below.)

The smiley faces represent caches I've found (and this area is actually surrounded by a much larger sea of smiley faces.)  The blue dot is one I haven't yet found because on my previous trips to the area I didn't meet the requirements for logging it.  Requirements for these 'unknown' caches can vary widely, but this particular one requires you to have previously found ten of the oldest fifteen geocaches in the state before you can claim it.  Being the rule-following sort that I am, on previous trips I just bypassed the spot, but after bagging the oldest cache I went back to the list to see how many other oldies I had.  Of the top fifteen, I had five.  Several days of targeted effort later, I now have nine.  Will hopefully bag the tenth on Monday, knock this blue dot off the map on Tuesday, and then not be annoyed every time I look at this section of map anymore.  Or maybe I should just take up knitting!!



  1. Oh good lord, Mama D - if you take up knitting, we will all be buried in scarves! ;)

  2. I learned to knit and I enjoyed it. I knit one sweater and then I was done. (I was tempted with the leftover yard to knit a matching sweater for my dog, but she would have killed me in my sleep for that stunt.) I like to master things and move on.


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