Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are We Done Yet?

Half day tomorrow, then school is out.  The likelihood that my sons will survive summer vacation is currently low...I'm fried from all the regular end-of-year craziness (plus, who in their right mind would start evening practices for summer soccer teams Monday of the last week of school?? --GROWL) and those two knuckleheaded dingbats are doing their collective best to tread on my very last nerve right now.  They have it down, I will give them that...the bickering and roughhousing has been refined to an art form.  My communication with them this week is in large part back to the same simple commands I use for the dog!  SIT.  OFF.  OUT.  It's amazing how well those instructions work on small(er) two-legged creatures as well, although the dog still listens to me better than any one of the kids does.  And of course, entirely in keeping with Mrs. Murphy's Law, my husband is out of town this week for work.  And a good chunk of next week as well.

On the bright side, my tomatoes and peppers are growing nicely, I've finally gotten the pool in the backyard clean and open for swimming,  I'm rapidly approaching 3000 cache finds AND I've successfully learned 12 of the 16 (!) self defenses at my new taekwondo belt level (all variations on really nasty and effective wrist locks) so there's that.  Pazienza.  {deep cleansing breath.}

Ending with this because it made me laugh.  A dork, you say?  ME??  Never.  :)

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