Monday, June 22, 2015

Love This Kid

When I opened my bedroom door this morning, I discovered one of my large kitchen whiteboards propped against the banister at the top of the stairs.

For the benefit of all those unused to reading the handwriting of seven year-olds, the translation:

Dear Mom,

I made your coffe for you.
It is waiting for you in front of the coffe machine.  Is 8:00 Decaf okay because that was the only kind of coffe open.  


P.S. I also put the milk you like in the coffe.
P.P.S. It might be a little cold now so I suggest putting it in the microwave

She was bound and determined to get my day off to a good start by having my coffee ready for me.  I put it in the microwave as instructed (that kid cracks me up!) and it was lovely.  Such a little sweetheart!


  1. So thughtful-- what a sweetie!

  2. She's a keeper! See, if I knew I'd have kids like her, I'd be all for it.

  3. She's my angel. Think I will keep her. :)


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