Sunday, September 29, 2013

A New Level Of Crazy. Even For Me.

My mother regularly tells me that she needs a nap after just listening to my daily schedule.  I find it overwhelming sometimes too and I'm actually used to the juggling involved.

This weekend was a new low, however.  Because it was the only way to get it done and both were well overdue, we held both Petunia's and Thing Two's birthday parties on Saturday: ten girls at a pottery-painting place in the morning and fifteen boys at a giant-inflatable-jumpy-gym place in the late afternoon.  25 goody bags.  Two cakes.  A soccer practice, too.  Oh, and doing all the prep work for tonight's crockpot dinner, because this was today's schedule:

Put dinner in the crockpot
Go to Mass
Donate blood (the vampires called again)
Make lunch for the kids
Meet my in-laws at Thing Two and Petunia's soccer game
Go home, put out hors d'oeuvres, prep bread and salad for dinner
Go with my in-laws to Thing One's soccer game
Get home at 6PM, put dinner on the table
Say goodbye to in-laws at 7:30
Put kids to bed at 8
CRASH.  Hard.

Then get up tomorrow morning, send kids to school, and start over with a fresh to-do list, this one including a visit from a roofer, calling the heating oil company, and figuring out when the contractor is actually going to start taking my living room and dining room apart and putting them back together.

I really need some down time.  And I see none whatsoever on the horizon!



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