Monday, September 2, 2013

Frustrated And REFUSE To Clean; Therefore I Cook

Last day of the holiday weekend.  Had plans to geocache in peace for an hour or two (trying to get to my first 100, have 94 so far) but woke up to a swollen red mask of a face on Thing One and a morning spent at the pediatrician's and two pharmacies instead.

Poison ivy.  Nasty case, but seems a little better post- two doses of Benadryl and two of prednisone.  I'd be less annoyed if we hadn't told the kid approximately a hundred times to stay out of the damned bushes at my in-laws,' but the kid is too miserable for any maternal I-told-you-sos.  I guess some people just have to learn lessons the hard way.  And I've had this song in my head all day:

When we got home with the meds, Himself went to the gym.  Then the skies opened and it poured for about three hours, so no trips out for me.  I live with slobs who could care less about tidiness, and I flat-out refuse to clean anything else today.  So I cooked instead: a huge pot of tomato sauce from my own tomatoes, a loaf of bread, a pot of soup, and a batch of bread-and-butter pickles from my own cukes and a 4H Fair-winning recipe given to me by a friend.  Feeling slightly better, and the house smells great.

Tired of being the maid and housekeeper and having messes made as fast as I try to clean.  Definitely ready for school to start!

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