Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Don't Feel At All Bad About Missing These The First Two Times

Did YOU notice the tiny numbers etched into the tops of the two bolts on the left??

The bolts in question hold up one side of a gate and were halfway up a post, slightly below my waist level.  Oh, and they are smaller in real life than in this picture.  Cripes.  The numbers on them form part of the latitude and longitude coordinates of a geocache I'm trying to find.  Took me three trips back to the site to finally locate those numbers, which were the clue I needed to move on to the next step.

In other news, it was a pretty day here.  Thing One had two soccer games, today being the second day of a weekend tournament, and he played some pretty darned good defense.  We were so proud.  His team won their first three tournament games and tied the last one; not at all bad for the first games of the season!  Hopefully this will bode well for their team.

First full week of school starts tomorrow!  And unlike last week, which was so filled with errands and medical craziness that I had very little time to enjoy what otherwise could have been peace and quiet during the day, this week appears much less crazy so far.  Actually looking forward to this one.  Just have to do some paperwork tonight (agenda and minutes) for a meeting I'm chairing tomorrow night, then I'll be set!


  1. Oh good grief - NO. I would never have found those. Ever. Bless your patience. So glad you've found an activity you really enjoy! I think it's time for me to find one that works well here ... maybe bicycling the island?

  2. I am a hardheaded, persistent SOB who loves a mental challenge and *hates* to give up--this is right up my alley. :) Although I may need glasses if there are too many examples of this sort of thing around. I'm seeing that this is often a hobby for the elderly, so if I have trouble, they probably do too!

    Excited right now because a friend of mine is coming geocaching with me this morning. One problem with being a solo operator (or worse, going out with Thing One or God forbid the younger ones as well) is that some areas just aren't safe. And I don't mean that 'bad guys' are the issue, although I've seen one or two sites that might be dicey that way too. The issue is more with physical terrain. Back in July, early on before I really figured out the terrain rating system, I tried to find one that turned out to require hiking about half a mile on a wilderness trail and also fording a stream. I didn't find the cache that time, and decided in retrospect that it would be foolhardy in the extreme to try it again alone, since nobody would ever come across me if I got hurt, ran into a snake, etc. I've gotten a lot better about casing a site upfront since then. This friend has been caching for a long time (she is the owner of many of the first caches I found in my area) and actually already found this one back in 2012, but has graciously agreed to come with me so that I can look again more safely and cross this one off my list! Then we're going to go look for four or five more in the area that neither of us have found yet.

    1. ah, your tale just made me think of the cold night my dog and I spent on a mountain. I just bought my first truck, a rugged thing, and off we went. I casually mentioned to my friend's mother where we were going. We went for a great hike a few miles, saw good falls, came rushing back to miss darkness and meet a friend for dinner and ... flat tire. All the way flat. New to me truck, and the jack didn't work. Something I didn't check. It was about 17 miles to the main road (I'd driven up old logging roads) and nobody would be coming along. So we spent a very cold night in the cab of the truck. In the early morning, my friends found me - beating search and rescue.

      I think the key for me is so long as I tell somebody reliable where I'm going, I'll go just about anywhere alone, especially when I had my dog with me. We went all sorts of crazy places and had a very good time.

      Anyway, glad you found a buddy for geocaching!

    2. My concern is the snakes...we have copperheads around here. Not many, but one is enough! The kid of a friend of mine was bitten over the summer and they had quite the adventure finding a hospital with the antivenom. If I'm off in the bushes by myself and get bitten, I'm in trouble!

  3. I'm glad you're getting some good weather. It's pouring rain here and soccer starts this week. (gulp)

    1. You have to be a true soccer fan (or a very good mother!) to stand in the rain and watch small children play that game. :) I've been known to huddle in the car against cold or rain and watch games through the car window!!


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