Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just Call Me MacGyver

Found cache #96 this morning: pretty good for two months.  They are all over the place, in every kind of hiding spot and container.  Had a fun conversation recently with a friend and fellow geocacher about some of the odd ones each of us has found, which reminded me that there are some things that I need to put in my car, stat.  

Things I've Wished I Had With Me (But Didn't) On Various Occasions While Geocaching

1) Long pants
2) Hip waders
3) Flip flops
4) A bobby pin
5) Tweezers
6) A flashlight
7) Duct tape
8) A large container suitable for holding water
9) A long stick
10) Wasp and hornet spray
11) Regular mosquito spray
12) Gloves
13) Mace
14) Purell
15) An extra pair of hands
16) Bubble gum
17) A magnet
18) A step stool
19) A calculator
20) A towel

Definitely an interesting hobby, I'll say that much for it...

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