Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Hope Disney Can Figure Out A Good Alternative

Y'all have heard the uproar about Disney apparently discontinuing their Guest Assistance Card program--the program that made their parks accessible to autistic kids and kids with other handicaps--because the program was being widely abused by wealthy conscienceless scumballs?
A quotation from the post above: "You want to know who I am angry at? I'm angry -- no, I'm seething -- at the pathetic mother%!@&ers who would sell this "service" to the even more pathetic mother%!@&ers who somehow still managed to sleep at night after taking their kids to the Magic Kingdom with a "Black Market Handicapped Guide."  For the love of God, what did they tell their kids they were doing? Appalled doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this. Apoplectic comes close."
Amen, sister.  
How low can you stoop?  How entitled and oblivious can you be?  How sure can you be that the rules don't apply to you because you're above all the little people who actually have to follow them?
My family went to an amusement park this past summer.   Although we do have a special needs son, he doesn't require special services at a park.  He waited patiently in lines, even the long ones.  And when we finally got to the front of one of those lines and a family cut directly in front of us, coming from the "special" line?  We explained to our kids why they got to cut in and we all said a quiet prayer together for the pale, frail-looking little boy with the bald head.           
The thought that the sorts of accommodations that made it easier for kids like him to go on rides at an amusement park could be taken away or changed to something even a fraction more inconvenient because of people like those "Manhattan Moms" makes me physically sick to my stomach.  Hoping that Disney can find a good way to separate the legitimately deserving from the charlatans.   


  1. Yeah, a friend just posted this on Facebook. The mom grew up right by Disneyland and wanted to share it with her daughter, who has serious disabilities. And this program made it possible. She is so saddened it can't happen again.

  2. This post was so beautifully written. Just boggles my mind that what for us was very much a "There but for the grace of God" moment could be a "How can I use this to my own advantage?" moment for someone else.


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