Sunday, January 19, 2014

A More General Conclusion

People who work at home improvement stores must just be used to fielding weird questions.  I found myself at a TrueValue Hardware branch today looking for a thermometer that can measure temperatures around freezing in water and that request did not appear to faze the salesman at all.  (Thank you, second-grade science project.)

A quiet Sunday here.  Went to Mass and then directly afterward to donate blood (the vampires called again.)  Theirs is an amazingly disorganized operation, but worthwhile, so I deal with it even though it really shouldn't take 90 minutes (from walking in the door to walking out the door) to donate a pint of whole blood.  Ugh.  Petunia enjoys coming with me for some reason, probably because she gets a cupcake or cookie afterward too, so I always bring her along: she has the same high-demand blood type that I do anyway, so it's good that she gets familiar with the donation process and learns that it isn't scary from a young age.    

Time now to cook, to fill the house with good smells to go along with the crackle and woodsmokiness of the fire that Himself started for me while I was out on my fools' errand.  (Who says that true love must only manifest itself in grand gestures??  Only this morning, I noticed that he had also turned on my car seat's heater for me while I wasn't looking.)  

Chili, a roast of pork, perhaps a loaf of bread.  I am ashamed to say that my bread is made in a machine, not by hand, but no matter: the aroma is almost the same and these fingers have not yet really gotten the hang of the kneading process.  One of these years...we all need a goal or two!          


  1. Home-baked bread sounds like a worthy goal! Have you ever tried Jim Sullivan's No-Knead recipe? It's pretty darn fantastic -- you can google it on the NY Times.

  2. And I will, to be sure. What is life without at least a few goals that are reasonably attainable? ;) Thank you!


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