Friday, January 17, 2014

Movin' On Up

I haven't mentioned taekwondo in a while.  There's been some 'girl drama' of the kind I really hate going on with it, the result of which has been me trying to just keep my head down and focus on the skills I need to learn instead of the drama, but at least that seems to be working out okay.  Looks like I'll most likely be testing for my next belt on the 28th.

The new belt will be my seventh, which means that I'll have to correctly (and publicly) perform six belts' worth of techniques, six forms, and nineteen self-defenses to earn it. The even scarier thing is that this is the last of the mid-level belts...after this one, my tests will be lesser versions of the black-belt exam.  Time for me to get serious about those push-ups!

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