Saturday, January 11, 2014

Note To Self

In future, do not allow Thing Two to sit near me in the stands when Thing One's basketball team is playing.

Although they did end up winning the game, and they are a very good team in general, today everything seemed off for some reason--their passes weren't tight, their shots weren't dropping, and, in particular, they couldn't find a rebound with both hands and a flashlight.  Pure grit and a few key shots got them through, and we were proud that they had the mental toughness to pull it off, to be sure.  I was trying really, really hard to only make positive comments to the team and to keep whatever other mumbling I might have been doing under my breath entirely to myself.

However, deep in the third period, a small voice in front of me piped up, "For the love of Christ, will you REBOUND???" (fortunately, not loudly enough to be heard on-court, and quickly shushed), and I realized that my resident little pitcher was able to hear my muttered commentary from his seat in front of me.  Bad mother moment number I don't even know what!


  1. Haha! That reminds me of driving on the wrong, sorry-- other-- side of the road when we lived in England and the children were small. Narrow, crooked roads and high density population made any outing an ordeal. A nine-mile drive could take an hour to complete. It frazzled my nerves and in addition I had to keep my unruly vocabulary in check, as demonstrated by a small voice piping up from the back seat, "Mummy, why did you call that man Darling?"

  2. Joan: I sympathize entirely! It took six months for my older son (aged 18 months or so) to forget a particularly emphatic phrase he picked up from me when somebody almost crashed into our car. ;)


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