Monday, January 13, 2014

True Story, I Swear

Fifth grade around here seems to be a pivotal year: in both public school and CCD, this is the year that the powers that be see fit to officially introduce the concepts of puberty and basic sex ed.  (Thing One's reaction?  "Disgusting!!"  Yep, you just keep thinking that, kid.)

Anyway, one of my best friends also has a fifth grader, a girl.  This story is from her CCD class.

The teacher is discussing puberty.  A classmate of hers, a quiet, easygoing boy who goes to school with both of our kids, is visibly becoming more and more unhappy about the subject matter.  Finally, he said to the teacher (out of a clear blue sky): "Are you a Democrat?  I bet you're a Democrat.  My family is all Republican."

She told him that she didn't feel comfortable discussing her politics with him.  He fired back, "I'm not comfortable discussing puberty with you either!"

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  1. Haha! There's some family indoctrination for you. :)


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