Saturday, January 4, 2014

Back For Good Now

What a wonderful, wonderful trip: grandparents and skiing and cousins and games and good food and exploring and fun.  And 16 geocaches for me, too.  Not that there was any doubt that either one of my parents love me, but both accompanied me on separate caching forays and found themselves in places where they would NEVER otherwise have set so much as a toe: definitive proof!  Mom ended up climbing around on top of two different very large piles of lava rocks, and Dad standing on top of a three-foot wall, hanging onto the wire fencing above it with one hand and digging around in a tree with the other.

Murphy's Law being what it is, we were scheduled to fly home into the teeth of the storm that hit the East Coast on Thursday evening.  There was not so much as a snowflake the entire week we were gone, mind you.  I never thought we'd get out of San Francisco: I was confidently expecting a ground stop until the second that the wheels lifted off, and the pilot told us that we were carrying an extra hour's worth of fuel in case we needed to divert.  Himself was cool as a cucumber, refusing to get drawn into my web of stress.  He actually fell asleep in the departure lounge as I was pacing a path between our seats and the bank of monitors!  Fat lot of good all my worrying did me, and it wouldn't have been helpful even if we had gotten stuck...unfortunately, positive thinking is not my strongest suit.  As it happened, we landed about ten minutes before the storm struck--probably one of the last flights in--and had a truly miserable drive home in the snow, but that was the extent of the problem.  Whew.  And school was cancelled Friday, which gave the kids a chance to sleep in and readjust themselves to this time zone.

Woke up this morning to an overnight low well into the negative numbers: ugh.  (Which of course did not stop me from bundling up and heading out to be the first finder of a new nearby geocache, because I am certifiably insane.)  Welcome back to reality.  Basketball practices, basketball game, birthday party; just a normal Saturday.  And not necessarily a bad thing...without the usual routine, special trips are less special, and our life is a good one even if it isn't very exciting most of the time.

Happy New Year from the frozen tundra...

Mama D


  1. Happy new year to you -- hitting the ground running!

  2. Never a quiet moment around here. And despite the fact that I feel like the holiday season should be over now, I still have to put away all the (many, many) Christmas decorations!! ;)


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