Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Because I Am Very, Very Stressed Today

I am choosing to focus on the positive.  For example, the fact that I managed to do my nails to be ready for tonight's taekwondo belt test (the source of most of the stress) without totally messing up the black stripes.

My tradition since my very first test has been to paint my nails to match the belt for which I am testing: this one is blue with a black stripe down the center, hence the (French manicure-like) blue and black look.

I'm also happy for the fact that Thing Two launched himself into a seamless back roll (taekwondo-style) when knocked off his feet at soccer last night.  And that I was able to quickly figure out the puzzle that a geocaching friend sent me this morning, which had been eluding him for a while.  And finally, that the sun is actually shining here today, even though it is still fricking cold here (single digits again.)

Went to class this morning just to work out any remaining bugs, then had some errands to do.  Came home to get dinner ready, since Himself will be feeding the kids here while I test.  After my test, I have to go directly to a school board meeting, which will be interesting on several levels.  No more caffeine for me today, though, or I will be bouncing off the walls tonight.

Wish me luck...


  1. Wishing you luck. And I know you don't like all that yoga stuff. But take a deep breath. Ommmmm....

    (Useful both for your test AND the School Board Meeting!)


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