Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And More Power To Her

A friend of mine announced her pregnancy the other day.   She already has three kids ranging in age from ten or eleven down to five, one of whom has fairly significant special needs.

If I were guessing, she's my age (40) or a year or two older, and she works at least part-time.  I sure as heck don't have the energy at this stage of the game to go back to being up all night with a newborn and hauling around the diaper bag/food/stroller etc etc etc...I sure hope that she does!  I am very ashamed to admit that "Are you nuts??" was dueling with "Congratulations!" in my head when she made her announcement, although I did behave myself externally.  ;)

And no, I have no idea if this was deliberate or accidental and I ain't asking.   Either way, there's a little one coming and it doesn't matter...may this child be happy and healthy and may my friend find the strength to keep up with it!

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