Monday, April 7, 2014


Despite my misgivings, Thing Two slept through the night without waking for ibuprofen and actually seemed a bit better this morning.  I still took him to the pediatrician, where his rapid strep test was negative, thereby becoming exhibit #1 for why people without medical training can't prescribe medicine and why antibiotics are not available over the counter in this country.  My educated guess appears to have been incorrect* and I freely admit it...the professional verdict was that he simply has a viral bug of some sort.

The twist is that I would have actually PREFERRED it to be strep, all things considered and a doctor more readily available, of course.  Those antibiotics work like a magic wand and kids go from droopy to all-systems-normal within hours of the first dose.  A viral bug, on the other hand, takes much longer to clear the system, so we are now looking at two to three days in which I am going to go batshit-freaking-crazy stuck in the house with this kid!

Oh well.  Such are the joys of motherhood.  Glad the kid is feeling a little better today, anyway.  At least he's eating now...when this particular kid refuses to eat, you KNOW there is something major going on!  He's the living embodiment of his great-grandfather in that respect: Grandpa always used to say that you could call him anything you wanted as long as you didn't call him late for dinner.  :)

*At least for now--I reserve the right to change my tune on this in three days, when the slow strep test results come in.


  1. Haha! And I trusted your judgment, based on my own mother always being correct about all infections. :) We just had so damn many of so many kinds.

  2. Oh well...nobody's going to bat 1000 with three kids for ten plus years. :)

  3. Yeah, my mother had four, eight years between us (total). it either kills ya or makes ya stronger.

  4. Yep! Especially in those fun early years when the kids can't actually tell you what's wrong. ;)


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