Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Look

My hair is fine in texture, but there is a lot of it and it grows out of my head curly as hell--think ringlets.  For the past couple of years, I've worn it shoulder length, long enough to pull back in a knot on the back of my head, which I did virtually every day.  Convenient, especially for taekwondo; easy, but not a particularly attractive look on me because of my square jaw.

Tuesday morning I'd had enough (ENOUGH!) of feeling frumpy.  I texted the girlfriend who cuts my hair and she was able to fit me in that day: by the end of the appointment, I'd gone from shaggy to this.  (Of course this is not me, but it is the haircut!  Image from here.)

Model Look

Cute and looks much better on me than a ponytail or knot.  The downside?  It actually requires some work in the mornings...mousse, curling iron, hairspray, all that fun stuff.  (Curly-hair bedhead is not for the faint of heart.)  But it looks better, and I feel better for looking better, so the time spent is worth it!



  1. Too funny that we're of the same mind - I did the same thing last Sunday. I, however, am less thrilled with mine - I just think there is no way to do a bob on me without a ton of product and time and I'm not down with that. So, either I have to grow it longer or make it considerably shorter and keep it that way. I'm definitely happiest with very short hair, but it has downsides, too.

    Sigh. Hair. Ugh.

  2. My hair was very short for years...think boy-short with slightly longer bangs. Loved it, super-easy! My now-husband wasn't too crazy about that cut, though. The trick for me is finding a slightly longer short cut (does that even make sense?) that works with curly hair, which is why I flagged that particular image and bookmarked it months ago. Yeah, it takes more time in the morning than grabbing an elastic and yanking the whole mass back into a knot, but at least I am working with what I've got...taming existing curls rather than trying to make the whole mop straight and flowing, which would never happen. And if it becomes too much of a hassle, I'll just grow it out again! ;)

  3. Yeah, I don't have curly hair, just wavey. Very fine, very thin, no body. It doesn't look good pulled back - plus, it takes a long damn time to blowdry (can't show up at work with wet hair).

    The one thing I'll say about long hair is that i can avoid washing it so much - with the shorter hair, I can't really get away with it. Bah. Maybe I'm using dry shampoo wrong.

    That hairstyle is super cute - glad you love it!

  4. I've never tried dry does the powder not show up in your hair? Does it come out completely?? Since my hair is dark, I have visions of walking around looking like I have baby powder in my hair or bad dandruff from the residue. I may not be cool enough for dry shampoo either. ;)

    1. It just doesn't show in the hair at all - my guess is that the particles are super fine. It's like gel - it stays in though you brush through.

      People rave about it, and I like the idea of it. Maybe I just need to figure out better technique.

    2. I'm intrigued now. Guess I shouldn't have dismissed the idea preemptively!


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