Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

The grass is finally ris, and the birdies is singing their little hearts out, both on and off the wing.

The dog and I have been walking together more lately now that the weather is not so frigid.  When she sees me put my hiking boots on, she comes running, eager to be included in the outing.  One of our favorite routes takes us by an old churchyard, a favored burying place for some of the founding families of the area.  Most of the inscriptions on these stones are so old that they are very hard to read.

Today's walk took us down by the creek, which actually has rapids at the moment courtesy of the weekend's rains!  We'd looked for a geocache off a nearby hiking trail, me doggedly climbing a very steep slope, peering amidst the rocks and tree roots as I went, and her joyously bounding ahead of me.  Find successfully made, we rewarded ourselves with a stroll along flat pavement, admiring the water views as we went.  

This is a birdhouse!!  Love the construction.  It sits on top of a tall tree stump across the road from the creek.  

Has there ever been a better name for a farm??  The sky was flat and dull this afternoon, making it difficult for me to get good pictures, but this homemade sign says "Achy Acres."

After all the snow, it makes me smile to see the flowers coming back in my own garden, the hyacinths (still in bud) and the very first of the daffodils below!

For whatever reason, the critters don't bother either hyacinths or daffodils, but most other spring flowers get munched right up.  Crocuses and tulips in particular must be some sort of delicacy: so many times over the years I've come out of a morning to find those bitten off at ground level.  I put in tulip bulbs by the dozens in the front yard when we first moved in: having learned my lesson, now I only bother to plant them inside the walled garden (five feet of wire fencing with an extra two feet or so of chicken wire surrounding the bottom of the fencing to keep the baby rabbits out, sneaky little so-and-sos that they are.)

So here, there is finally hope for warmth and sunshine and greenness!!  Hoping your yards and neighborhoods are shaking the winter barrenness as well.   

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