Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Picture Of Happiness

Because I love my dog dearly, in the mornings, when it is not too cold outside, I open the front door and drag her beloved bed to the spot immediately in front of the storm door, where she can recline in the sun-warmth and monitor all passing activity outside.  Dog nirvana.

After the germ-ridden beginning to our week, all is much better (and believe me, I rap the desk with my knuckles as I type this!)  Thing Two still has a bit of a cough but is back in school, thankfully.  In other good news:

1) I managed not to be eaten alive by the fifth graders when I went in to give a nutrition-related presentation to them yesterday--this is in connection with a state health grant for which they needed parent volunteers, and these kids really are on the upper end of the age range for the material we were supposed to present.  I ended up raiding Petunia's toy kitchen for every plastic fruit, vegetable and grain she owns and bringing them in for a competitive game to get them engaged.

2) Thing Two cheerfully cooperated for the purchasing of a First Communion suit...he is now the proud owner of a beautiful black suit and new matching dress shoes!  About a month and counting now to his big day, and believe me, I am not taking any part of this for recently as last year, I wondered if he would be able to understand enough of what was going on to be able to participate, and this has not been an issue at all.  He's got this stuff down cold.

3) I've had some good luck over the past week with finding caches that had previously eluded me, including one yesterday.  Going to try for another one again on my way to taekwondo this morning in hopes of continuing the streak...wish me luck!

4) And, most amazingly...I FOUND A PRESENT FOR MY DAD!!  I wasn't even looking, either.  The man is the single most impossible person in the universe for whom to buy gifts, since he doesn't need much and whatever he does need, he buys for himself.  (Growl.)  Duly ordered and will be put away for Christmas!!!

So, I guess I'm doing okay in the happiness department myself this week too, kid sickness notwithstanding, even if I can't quite compete with my dog.  Happy Thursday!    


  1. Congrats on the gift. My dad was the same way - impossible to buy for - so finding something he'd enjoy (and didn't already have) was like finding the Holy Grail.

    And he wasn't very demonstrative, either, so I probably could've GIVEN him the Holy Grail and he would've been, like, "nice cup". Ha.

    And that is one content-looking dog.

  2. "Nice cup." Love it!!!

    And yes, one content dog. The bed came with her from the rescue two and a half years ago and is now very ratty, but I can't bring myself to toss it since she loves it! Her two favorite things in the world are geocaching with me (i.e., running around in the woods like a crazy dog) and flopping on that bed. ;)


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