Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend By The Numbers

Husband out of town from Friday to Sunday: 1

Number of children in my family: 3
Number of children in my family who play soccer: 3
Number of soccer teams they play on: 3
Weekend soccer practices: 1
Weekend soccer games: 5
Weekend soccer games more than 60 miles from home: 1
Weekend record in games: 2-3

Number of meals eaten while sitting on the tailgate of my SUV between games: 2

Number of loads of laundry done: 4

Number of times I heard the word "Mom?" over the weekend: 962
Number of times I seriously considered changing my name: 960
Number of times my patience was rightthere on the edge of being gone forever: 12
Number of children who nevertheless survived the weekend: 3

Very tired mothers in the house: 1

Good night...

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