Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Pox Upon The Clueless (beware, profanity ahead)

Almighty pet peeve of long standing relating to the Memorial Day weekend, and news flash to apparently quite a lot of people: this is not a HOLIDAY.  This is a MEMORIAL day.  For people who have DIED serving our country.

It makes me almost physically ill to hear radio ads or see print ads for this Memorial Day sale or that Memorial Day sale.  To hear people talk about the weekend solely in the context of beach and beer and party.  As a nation, how did we become so detached and oblivious??

I happened to be in my car a fair bit on Monday.  I was surprised and proud to observe that Sirius satellite radio shut down all of their channels at noon and played Taps.  I was also glad to be on a quiet road at the time, so I could easily pull over while it played.

My husband's best friend is a Lt. Colonel in the Marines.  Three of his cousins are or were active duty Army, and one was a Marine.  Two uncles and an aunt of his were in the Army, and both my in-laws worked for the Army as civilians for most of their careers.  Two of my uncles, one aunt and a cousin proudly served our country as well (two Air Force, two Army.)

This is not what your fucking long weekend is about, assholes.

Neither is this.

THIS is.  Get it straight, for fuck's sake.  Save your commercial shit and drunken partying for a different weekend and show some fucking respect.


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