Thursday, May 15, 2014

Because *This* Is What I Really Needed This Week

Guess what I found on the dashboard of my car two days ago??

Lucky, lucky me.  (Murphy's Law, you SUCK.)

Swept and cleaned the garage, washed the car, vacuumed the hell out of the car.  Set some nasty-looking snap traps (have had luck with these in the past) with peanut butter in the garage last night.  No occupants this morning, fortunately or unfortunately.  No more poop that I could find in the car, definitely a good thing.

New rule for the kids: no more eating in the car for a while.  Damn and blast.  %&#$% vermin!!


  1. You need a cat. I can help you out with that ... :)

  2. I love cats. I had a (rescue) cat before we got our current dog. Unfortunately, I would have to confine any new cat to the garage, as the only form of critter this dog likes less than cats is robins! You have to see this mutt chasing the birds off our lawn. ;)


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