Friday, May 23, 2014

It's So...QUIET Around Here

Unnaturally so.  Even the dog feels it, I think.  She appears very unsettled, although she was visibly relieved to see that I was still here after everyone else left this afternoon.

Himself and the rugrats are now safely ensconced at his friend's house and I have a weekend of caching, gardening and gym time (more belt test prep) planned.  Nothing exciting, but it will hopefully be soul-feeding.  Best belated Mother's Day present ever!!

Turned on the TV briefly while eating dinner tonight and every news channel (and I use the term "news" here loosely) seems to have something to say about Kim and Kanye's wedding.  I don't have the words to say how little I care about either them or their wedding.  Wonder why anyone else cares...sad commentary on our celebrity-mad nation.  I'll stick with the BBC for my news from now on, thanks.

Yes, I'm tired and a bit grouchy from this cold.  Why do you ask?  :)  Off to bed: hoping for a slightly less congested first full day of freedom tomorrow!

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