Sunday, May 4, 2014

That Kind Of A Weekend, I Guess

How could I *not* become emotional all over again as I watched Thing Two standing tall at Mass this morning and looking all of a sudden in his First Communion suit?  Where did my baby boy go??

The sacrament itself isn't until this coming Saturday, but in our parish the tradition is that one of the First Communicants crowns the statue of Mary outside the church on the first Sunday of May.  A girl generally does the honors, but since Thing Two happens to be the only current second grader who regularly attends our tiny ancillary church, he got the nod (and a dry run for his suit and tie as well.)

As an added bonus, he's tall enough to reach Mary's head from the rickety stepstool needed this year!

This morning, I am counting my blessings and being profoundly grateful for progress made.  Happy Sunday, everybody.  

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