Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Official

Per a conversation with the instructor this week, I will be testing for one of these sometime this summer, probably at the end of June or in July.

I have six of the necessary nine stripes on my current belt as of today.  Boy, am I glad I started with the increase in cardio and weightlifting right after the last test, since I was not expecting this to come so early...I'd be a basket case if I was starting the necessary preparation for the craziness of the red belt test now.  This will be a whole different animal from all the tests up to this point--much longer and more strenuous.

In our system, red is the lowest of the high belts, if that makes sense; the 8th belt where a black belt is the 12th.  I'm a long way from a ninja yet, but movin' on up.

In other taekwondo-related news, both of my sons earned new belts this week, and for the first time I was asked to serve as an assistant to the instructors for the test (essentially an extra set of hands to attack the test candidates for their self-defenses and hold targets while they are kicking or striking--not glamorous although you do get to sit up front with all the black belts.)  I was given the honor of partnering with Thing One during his test, which made this mama very proud even though he got entirely too much joy out of folding, spindling and mutilating me with official sanction!  Love that kid.  :)

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