Monday, May 26, 2014

Not Sure I Deserve This

Himself arrived home with the kids about 1:30 this afternoon after three days away.  I hadn't expected them so early, so I was still out caching when they got home.  By the time I pulled into the driveway shortly afterward, the car was unloaded and two of the three kids had already been fed their lunch.  Then Himself went back out to buy charcoal for the grill (dinner, you know--I hadn't realized we were out) and then dug out two dead bushes and sprayed the weeds in the garden.  As icing on the cake, he then planted a new bush in the spot formerly occupied by one of the dead bushes.  As husbands go, he's a keeper for sure.

A quiet Memorial Day dinner here--just the five of us.  Chicken, potatoes, cucumber salad, fresh bread, and ice cream with berries for dessert.  A lovely way to end the long weekend.  

Final cache tally for the weekend: 93.  Not too shabby.  Probably ten or so miles hiked as well: a good couple of endurance workouts before my next belt test.  And the refilling of my bucket?  Priceless.  

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