Saturday, September 13, 2014

It Really Does Take A Village

Our kids' birthdays are in July, August and September respectively. This means that we have to choose between holding their parties over the summer when people are on vacation or at the beginning of the school year when weekends are crazy with fall sports.  It also means that, whatever we choose, we have three birthday parties to organize very close together.  (Bad planning.  Bad, BAD planning.)

We held Petunia's party today.  Unfortunately, since many other parents had the same idea, it was only one of THREE birthday parties on the calendar today: a friend of Petunia's at 11, a friend of Thing Two's at 1, and Petunia's at 2:30.  Thing Two had to ride with a friend to get to his party and even with that, the logistics were crazy.  Once again, so grateful to be part of a community where I feel comfortable asking for help...having one more kid than we do drivers and cars occasionally makes things a real challenge!

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