Sunday, September 7, 2014

Success Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Last night I was up until 2AM working on a mystery cache.  This particular one was rated 4.5 for difficulty out of a possible 5, and to complete it, I had to solve nine, count 'em, NINE miserable beastly puzzles in a row.  Got the first six last night and wrapped up the final three this afternoon.  The sad thing is that I really didn't need to do any of that work, since a friend of mine already knows where the cache is and he's going to be with me tomorrow when I look for it (his wife hasn't found it yet, and I'm tagging along.)  Sometimes it really sucks to be constitutionally unable to take the easy way out, but at least I got to enjoy the moment of elation when I finally finished the damned thing.

A big of a deal as that was for me (yes, go ahead and laugh, I know I'm a dork) the bigger one by far is that all three of my children survived the weekend.  My husband left Thursday at the crack of dawn for one of his crazy relay race weekends five states away and was back in town this afternoon just long enough to switch bags at the airport (literally: he had two suitcases in the car; one for running stuff and one with business attire) and hop a plane to England.  He won't actually get *home* till Thursday, I think.  In his absence, the weekend was a staggering exercise in logistics, since Thing One had a faraway soccer tournament both days (four games total, with three hours of downtime between the two games each day) and we have two other children and a dog that must be fed, entertained and juggled in the meantime.  Not fun with only one adult, and I ran out of patience sometime yesterday: nevertheless, all four small dependent creatures are still alive and well and there wasn't even any wine or chocolate involved (although a smart man might bring some good chocolate home with him from his business trip, just sayin'.)

Tell me: what do you consider YOUR successes of the weekend??


  1. I remember those days... Our successes were small but significant. A few more cartons unpacked, some light fixtures and the bedroom blind hung. Take that, full moon!

    We've moved from Bordeaux back to the Paris area-- good thing the house never sold. God has a helluva sense of humor.

  2. Best of luck with your move. Small successes are still good! I remember moving into this house with an infant and it was such an ordeal getting settled that I am never moving again. :)


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