Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday, But Not The Good Kind

I heard the song today for the first time in close to fifteen years, the one that made him punch a coffee table in sheer frustration.  He called me hours later for help getting to the emergency room, where a friend of his who happened to be on call read the X-ray of his hand.  No break, just bruises, but ugly ones.  I'd forgotten all about that until the first few notes reminded me...not the best way to start a morning.  I should stick to old photos for trips down memory lane.

On a much brighter note, the school year seems to have started well for all three kids.  Thing One has managed to figure out his schedule and remember the combination to his locker, Thing Two LOVES his teacher, and Petunia has charmed her way into the hearts of her classmates with cupcakes (today is her 7th birthday.)  We shall see how they feel later in the school year when they actually have homework and tests and mandatory reading and such, but for now they (and I) are enjoying the honeymoon period at the beginning of the year!

There are definite benefits to having slightly older children, none of whom are new to the school.  A friend's daughter (a new first grader) got onto the wrong bus today at dismissal time, which nobody noticed until she did not get off the bus with her siblings at home.  As she explained to her mother, "Mama, I was never lost, and I liked the view from that bus better!"  This is why mothers drink and have gray hair.


  1. Love that kid's attitude - we are peas in a pod. Tell her mama to get her a passport!

  2. She runs her parents a merry dance but she is one awesome kid!


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