Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Both Sides Now

Found out today that Thing One asked a girl to the upcoming dance last week and she turned him down.  (Note to all relatives reading this: he does NOT know that I know, so SHHHH.  Really.)

Having two opposing reactions more or less simultaneously (hence the title.)

1) As the mom of two boys, I want the girls to recognize the courage it takes for a boy to ask them out.  A response of "yes" would be nice unless there's reason to say "no."

2) As the mom of a daughter, I don't want any girl to feel like she has to say "yes" when she'd rather not.  In any situation ever.

I heard about this from a friend with a daughter in the same grade.  The daughter, who is a good friend of Thing One's, was furious with the other girl for turning him down.  (Not to her face, just privately.)  

I admit to having a moment of thinking "my son's a good kid; what the hell is wrong with you, girl?"  What it boils down to, though, is that there's nothing wrong with this girl at all.  She's a lovely young woman, in fact, and her right to say "no" should win every time, no matter how much I love my son.  I just hope for his sake that she did it gently.  Damn, this parenting stuff is hard.  :(


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