Wednesday, February 4, 2015

There REALLY Should Be A Manual For This Parenting Thing

The latest in the series of conversations I wasn't planning on having with my sixth grader: what exactly a lesbian is and why it is not appropriate to speculate as to (or otherwise comment upon in any manner whatsoever) a friend's orientation.  Good god and little chickens.  The rule is that his phone must be available for parental inspection at all times, and in his defense, the texted comment in question was incoming and not outgoing.  I took the opportunity to make it a teaching moment. And then I had a very, very large glass of wine.


  1. It's time. From now on make sure there is always Emergency Wine on hand. I don't want to scare you, but last month my 11-year old godson had his Nintendo DS impounded when his parents found porn on it. Photo transfers between friends.

    I'm rather glad my two are all grown up!

  2. There may not be enough Emergency Wine in the world for this! Parenting (or at least *good* parenting) is clearly not for the weak. :)


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