Sunday, February 15, 2015

Never A Dull Moment Around Here

Freezing cold and windy today, but I decided that I'd try to pick up one cache quickly anyway to keep my daily streak going.  I'd saved one close to home for just such an occasion.  Despite yesterday's snow, the roads were clear and I found the cache quickly; the fun started when I got back into the car and realized that it was stuck!  Not much snow, but it might as well have been ball bearings because the temperature was so low...just couldn't get any traction.  I didn't have a shovel in the car either (note to self: rectify that situation ASAP.)  After a little fruitless slipping and sliding, I gave up in disgust and called my husband.  I wasn't in any danger at all, at least, just annoyed.

Before he could even get into his car with the shovel, however, a knight in shining armor (in the form of a tree service guy who'd been out plowing) stopped and had me shoveled out and back on the road in about two minutes.  Being a damsel in distress sticks in my craw in a big way--it's not at all my usual style--but he was really nice about it.  And I've learned a very important lesson about not parking in snow in really cold weather, even with a four wheel drive vehicle.  All's well that ends well, I guess, and chivalry is in fact NOT dead, even if my knight's white horse happened to be a red pickup truck!


  1. Don't focus on the "Damsel in distress" part. Anybody might have parked there with no shovel. If you had had the shovel, wouldn't you have stopped to help someone else in that situation? It's trite, I know, but we are here to help one another. By accepting help gracefully when you needed it, you provided an opportunity for the tree service guy to build up some good karma and good feelings.

  2. Thanks, Portia! I like that perspective...I would certainly have done the same had the situation been reversed, and hopefully someone will be as kind to that man as he was to me. What goes around comes around, after all.


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