Friday, August 23, 2013

Caregivers, Care For Yourselves

The sister of a friend of mine died today.  She was in her late 40s and had three kids, the oldest in his mid-teens.

She'd had digestive symptoms for a while.  She called these issues her "granny stomach," and according to my friend, she pretty much ignored them.  The so-common mom/caregiver excuses.  "I don't have time to get to the doctor right now."  "I'll get to it when the kids go back to school/after the holidays/whenever."  The usual life getting in the way kind of stuff.

By the time she finally saw a doctor, the diagnosis was stage IV colon cancer.  She lived less than a year from the date of diagnosis.  Her family members are beside themselves with grief today.

I heard this morning that she'd had last rites.  The news of her death followed late this evening.  We'd gone to the fair and gotten stuck in horrible traffic on the way home...Himself and I were really upset at the idiots directing the traffic, but that email set us straight in a hurry.  Talk about a dose of perspective.

Those who pray, please say a prayer for this woman and all those who are grieving her passing tonight.

And everyone, if you have symptoms of anything, please get them checked out.  Your loved ones are depending on it.

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