Sunday, August 18, 2013

I LOVE This Town

So, Ed the computer guy calls my cell this morning while I'm out geocaching in a nearby town by myself in blessed peace and quiet (the rest of the crew has gone to my in-laws' for the day.)   He's a retired science teacher from the high school, and putters with computers in his garage for the fun of it.  It used to be a side business, but as he put it, it got to be too much like a real job a few years back, so he took the sign out of his yard.  Fortunately for me, he's a neighbor and was willing to see what he could do with my laptop even though he's not really in the business anymore.

At any rate, he told me that the computer seemed ok to him and that I could come to pick it up at my convenience (note that he repaired it between 10AM Saturday and noon on Sunday.)  He wouldn't let me pay him when I picked it up--wanted me to take it home first and make sure it was fixed.  (And the fees he charges are crazy low anyway.)  Then he gave me two eggplants and two zucchini from his garden and told me how to kill the tiny black bugs that ate my own eggplant bushes to boot!

In case anyone wonders why I'm never leaving this area willingly, here's another exhibit for the case.

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