Friday, August 9, 2013

We Must Be Nuts

There are eight ten year-old boys in my house right now.  EIGHT.  And five of those are sleeping over.

Technically, at the moment they are all in the (fenced-in) backyard playing Manhunt.  They have eaten pizza and ice cream cake and swum in the pool and played basketball and are now running like maniacs around the yard, dark happily-yelling shadows illuminated by small dollar store flashlights.  This is Thing One's idea of the ideal birthday party.  Himself and I are just hoping that the ones who are sleeping here are tiring themselves out right now!

Past history suggests that most of the boys will be up half the night goofing off down in the basement, even though Himself traditionally confiscates all personal gaming devices at midnight.  We are okay with this--especially since the other two kids are still away, which is not a coincidence--we would just like to get some sleep ourselves.   As long as they are quiet downstairs, they can stay up till the break of dawn for all we care!  It's only when doors start banging at 4AM that we get a bit testy.

Happy birthday, kid.  Can you tell that we love you a lot??  ;)

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