Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mommy Had A Day Off

Just one day, but ohmygodhowbadlydidIneed that???

Last night, I was ready to scream, really seriously scream, at the next person who asked me to do anything.  Anything at all.  I feel like I am surrounded by people who need something from me ALL THE TIME.  Attention.  Food.  A haircut.  A particular item that they can't find.  A bandage.  Etc.  Etc.  No sooner do I finally sit down than the magic words waft through the air: "Mom? Can you..."

At any rate, today my family (other than me) went to my in-laws', as I mentioned earlier.  The assorted males went to a baseball game together, my MIL and daughter had a 'girl-day,' and I most gratefully stayed home.  I was invited to join them, but had some Board of Ed work I legitimately needed to complete (my annual online mandatory training course, which requires about two hours of focused attention, which I will never have in a million years if any of my crew are at home.)

Since my computer was still AWOL (or AWL, I guess) this morning, I went geocaching in peace after they left.  Picked up six new ones, including two very cool multistep puzzle caches.  Came home, collected my computer (which appears to be working again, thanks be to Ed and all the saints), successfully completed my online training, and rewarded myself with another quick caching run and a cup of ice cream.  Home from that, had a quick dinner and took the dog out for a lovely stroll.  Peaceful, quiet, and exactly what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.

I, I, I.  I know.  Selfish as hell.  But so much of mothering is putting yourself last.  Doing what needs to be done, or what somebody else wants to be done (because you love them) even though it is not at ALL what you feel like doing at that moment.

Today I have not cooked since breakfast.  Or cleaned since putting the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.  The barest minimum of chores have been completed.  And I don't care one iota.

My bucket has been filled a bit.  Because of this, I will be happy to see my family when they come home, and if anyone says anything about the state of the house, there might just be war!  :)

*Oh, and a note to geocache owners everywhere: if your cache is hidden somewhere down a very steep slope covered with brambles and poison ivy, its terrain level should not be marked as a 2 (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the hardest.)  Just sayin'.


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