Saturday, August 17, 2013

What To Do With Those Really Wacky-shaped Heirloom Tomatoes?

Make sauce, of course.

Years ago, my mother bought me a food strainer, which is a contraption that removes seeds, skins, etc from batches of cooked fruits or vegetables.  I use it every year when I make applesauce, apple butter, peach butter, and/or tomato sauce.  (Yes, I am revoltingly domestic sometimes.  Sorry.)

Today, I looked at the bowl of ripe tomatoes on my counter, every single one too oddly-shaped to slice for a sandwich, and decided that it would be a good day to make tomato sauce.  My strainer looks a lot like the one in this link: if my laptop weren't down the street at Ed the local computer repair guy's house as of this morning because I inadvertently downloaded some crazy bug while trying to download geocaches to my new 40th-birthday-present-to-myself Garmin Oregon yesterday (GROWL...) I'd post a picture of my own setup, but oh well.  At least Ed was home and willing to take a look at it, and hopefully he can get rid of the bug.

The actual procedure is pretty easy.  First, whack the tomatoes into rough chunks.  Throw the chunks seeds, skin and all into a pot and cook to soften.  Cool a bit.  Run the resulting potful through the food mill, and Bob's your uncle.  Season to taste, cook down a bit more if you want thicker sauce, and either can or freeze to store.  Nothing better than a taste of summer right around February in these parts, and a less cluttered counter now is a bonus!


  1. Is the Garmin Oregon a GPS?

    Woman, the next time you say "What's something to do with Thing Two that helps him develop his natural skills?" I will caveat every answer with "THIS IS FOR HIM AND NOT FOR YOU!!"

    LOL - glad you found something you enjoy! I wonder if there's geocaching where I am - that could be fun, but probably make a lot of people angry as all the land is private.

  2. It is a GPS. And your comment made me laugh out loud!!!

    Believe it or not, there is a cache there...just looked it up! Is it ok to post a link here?


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