Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It is my opinion that, in a school setting, limited resources should generally be allocated in proportion to, and to align with, demonstrated student need, not some artificial perception of fairness based purely on class sizes.

Life ain't fair.  It ain't always reasonable, either.  Sometimes the best solution to a school problem isn't the one that allocates the resources evenly across the student population.  Especially since the only way to 'fairly' distribute the particular resource in question here is to take it away from the whole population, leaving a net loss overall.

Sometimes, you get to a point in an argument where everything that can be said has been said, on both sides.  There is just a fundamental disagreement.  With this one, we are also at a point where the other party seems almost irrationally obsessed with the subject, on several levels.  This is not helping matters at all.

Fairness is relative.  At the moment I'm right where being 'fair' and being conscientious diverge, and holding onto my temper with both hands.  GROWL.

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  1. There is so little that is fair about the school environment...I feel your pain my friend.


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