Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Do Not Belong Far From Civilization

Himself and I have been obsessively watching Buying the Bayou and Buying Alaska of late.  Hmmm: Barrow, Alaska, where the sun does not rise for two months in the winter, or a Louisiana swamp-side dwelling with gators and snakes in the yard???  Outhouses and skinning racks and guns, oh my.

I watch these shows with fascination.  I am just NOT that much one with nature...I like my creature comforts.  These places might as well be part of a foreign country, for as alien as they are to me!


  1. Ha! It's like you're living my life from a few miles away - I lived in an Eskimo village for two years, and Louisiana for several. :)

    1. How did you deal with the lack of sun??? I'd be in the looney bin all winter!!

    2. I was born and raised in Alaska, so it's not abnormal to me. You just have to make sure to be outside as much as possible, so I would go skiing in the dark with a headlamp, that sort of thing. And in the Eskimo village it was fine because I lived about 50 feet from the school so unless the blizzarding was really dangerous I could get out at least a little bit to see the sun in the day. And I had a window in my classroom.

      But I think it's really about appreciating cycles of nature - in summer you get to be super active all the time and do a ton of stuff and rarely sleep; in winter you hunker down and stay indoors and sleep plenty.

      All that said, my mother is from the Midwest and the 30+ years they spent in Alaska, she was depressed the entire time. But that place, the problem is the rainy gloom - months without any sun because of clouds. I don't like that weather either. Further up north near the Arctic Circle is fine, though.

  2. Rainy gloom is the worst! ~shudder~

    I would love to see Alaska, really. Not sure I could live there for 30 years, though, although I have to say that it is my kind of beautiful--love the mountains and lakes.

    And there is a lot to be said for adjusting life to the seasons...winter is nature's way of saying "sleep and rejuvenate." Maybe some year I will listen!


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