Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Think We Fried The Poor Kid's Circuits

It's been a tough day for Thing Two today.  I mean TOUGH.  Arguing, backchat, foot-stomping, yelling, all culminating in a soccer game this afternoon that wasn't one of his best, refereed by a total ass and ending in tears.  We were supposed to go as a family to watch Thing One's away game afterward, but I brought the younger two home instead.  After a shower and about an hour and a half of solo quiet time in his room, he was somewhat human again.

In thinking about it, yesterday the kid went from taekwondo class directly to soccer practice and then to a birthday party, was home for a couple of hours and then spent the whole evening out at our friends' house.  That would be a lot for any eight year-old, let alone this language-challenged one.  I'm sure he's just exhausted, and in retrospect I feel pretty bad for letting the schedule get that crazy for him yesterday. But the kid actually hacked it, which is also amazing in retrospect.  Especially since it went well enough that it didn't even occur to me to think about it yesterday.  So, in all, could be worse.  I'll take the beastly grumpy kid of today, but I also hope that he gets a good sleep tonight and wakes up back on the right side of the bed tomorrow!  His teacher is depending on it.  ;)

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